Bear Viewing

Brooks Falls

You’ve seen the iconic photos of bears balanced at the top of the falls waiting patiently for salmon to launch themselves within reach. Now take your own photo at the bear viewing platform at Brooks Falls.

The flight is full of breath-taking scenery featuring the vast waters of Cook Inlet, and the mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes and rivers of the Aleutian Range. You’ll fly over McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and Refuge – also known for its incredible bear viewing – and land on the shores of Naknek Lake in Katmai National Park and Preserve.

From here your bear venture truly begins, as bears sometimes roam among the parked aircraft and along the trail to the viewing platform! National Park Service staff conduct a required orientation on how to safely view and respect the multitude of bears that are expending all their energy fattening up for the long winter months.

Your first scene of bear activity will likely be on the two-mile walk to the viewing platform at Brooks Falls. From there, prepare to spend a few hours in awe as you see bears fishing and eating up close. The largest, most dominant bears take position at the Falls, with smaller bears, sows and cubs a little further down the river. The Brooks Falls bears tend to be a little more aggressive with each other in July, before they’ve had a chance to fatten up much, so you may see interesting bear interactions along with some keen fishing techniques.
The ten-hour day ends with a flight back to Anchorage, and a camera full of great photos.

10 hours – $1,250 per person. Lunches and park fees are included in the price

Private Charters Available

All credit card transactions will have a 3% surcharge added to them

Redoubt Mtn. Lodge

Begin your adventure with a scenic 70-minute flight viewing dramatic mountain ranges, active volcanoes and untouched Alaska landscape. Arrive at Redoubt Mountain Lodge (RML) and take in the scenery of a true wilderness setting within Lake Clark National Park. RML sits in the heart of the Chigmit Mountains on the glacier-fed waters of Crescent Lake. Its namesake, Redoubt Volcano, is only 8 miles from the lodge and offers a surreal backdrop to an already stunning setting.

Tour by boat around the lake & river watching Brown bears teach their young to fish and forage. Watch as these amazing creatures chase spawning salmon through shallow pools. Professional guides will accompany you and provide information on wildlife and the surrounding area. Take a mid-day break and enjoy a prepared lunch back at the lodge. No crowds or other lodges just solitude and wildlife. The best time to view bears is in August and September.

10 hours / $1,250 per person

All credit card transactions will have a 3% surcharge added to them

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